Vyasa International School celebrated its 10th anniversary with a lot of fanfare . We hosted an Arts Exhibition, Vyasa Kala Vigyana Mahotsava on 8th November 2019 and 16th November, 2019. . This mega event was inaugurated by Honorable MLA Shri Krishna Byregowda who congratulated the school on its continued efforts over the years to promote arts and culture. After the grand opening ceremony, Interschool Music and Art competitions were conducted across various categories where more than 15 schools participated. In the evening it was followed by a dance competition for dance schools. The whole school was decked up with various artworks by the students and it was a carnival celebrating arts and culture Students and teachers  worked together on setting up various  art installations like Optical Illusion, Golden Ratio models, Prospective Painting, Progression of light, Art Projections and Flying machine models , all reiterating the fact that Art and science are an integral part of each other.